Soapure: Providing natural soap products and accessories for everyone

Soapure is a black woman owned and operated company located in Aurora, Colorado. Founded in 2020 by Brittany Sampson, Soapure prides itself on providing natural soap products and accessories for everyone by only using locally sourced natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality products for the customers and support for the community.

Soapure’s products are made handmade with love and in the smallest batches to preserve freshness. The brand also keep ingredients to a minimum so if it is not necessary it’s not used! At Soapure size MATTERS! All soap bars are made to last weighing in at 5 ounces or more because they are hand cut! (Average soap bar is 1-2 ounces and most soap makers only sell 2-3 ounces).

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Instagram: @Soapureco