Eanon Electrixx ATL

Eanon Electrixx ATL: bringing affordable electronics and mobile accessories to clients

Eanon Electrixx ATL was created to bring affordable electronics and mobile accessories to their clients. The business is created in order to allow clients to have access to Smart devices and accessories without having to pay BIG BRAND prices.

Eanon Electrixx ATL original product began with their Eanon Body Temperature Smart Watches. The company introduced Eanon Watches to the local Atlanta area, as a way to help people be proactive in the current times of Covid-19. City workers and healthcare employees were some of the first to utilize Eanon Electrixx ATL’s products, from there they grew and have slowly brought more products to the forefront.

All of the company products are compatible with Apple and Android devices and the brand strives to be the affordable and quality options for their customers.

You can find Eanon Electrixx ATL at

Website: http://eanonelectrixxatl.bigcartel.com/

Instagram: @EanonElectrixxATL