Vivid Theophany

Vivid Theophany: For affordable luxury and high vibrational jewelry brand

Vivid Theophany is an affordable luxury jewelry brand. Vivid Theophany pieces are high vibrational with the intention of aiding those on their spiritual journeys. The company will be launching next month, just in time for the holidays.

At Vivid Theophany they handpick and handmake quality jewelry pieces that range from 14K and 18K gold plated, sterling silver, and stainless steel. They ensure all products have a hypoallergenic finish in order to protect any sensitivities of your skin. Their jewelry can be worn in water but they do not recommend it in order to protect the piece’s longevity.

Vivid Theophany currently offer a 25% OFF Prelaunch sale off a preorder purchase in celebration of the launch.

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