Tyler’s Totes: Specialized in making handmade pet tote carriers for your fur babies

Tyler’s Totes is a business specialized in making handmade pet tote carriers for your fur babies. Tyler’s Totes offers a greater sense of closeness and comfort for both pet and owner, thus amplifying overall quality of life.

“The idea came when my Yorkie would get so tired during walks, that I would end up carrying him halfway through”, said the owner Simone.

The owner Simone wanted something lightweight, comfortable, and stylish to carry him in. After a couple years of learning to sew and making various prototypes, she settled on two awesome tote styles. Now she is ready to share her gift with the World.

Tyler’s Totes are made of durable cotton canvas and double stitched for superior strength. Custom patches give style and a unique flair to the line. Each patch is sewn (not glued) to ensure long lasting quality. Straps are adjustable and removable, giving additional style options for owners.

Totes can be worn as crossbody, shoulder, or pet weight can be dispersed evenly by wearing a strap on each shoulder. Totes are washable and can carry pets up to 12 pounds.

You can find Tyler’s Totes at

Website: http://www.tylerstotes.com/

Instagram: @Tylers_Totes_LLC