Sergius Ace

Sergius Ace: A watch brand showcasing roots with elegance and grace

Sergius Ace is a new watch brand and company that was formed in Amsterdam.

“Sergius Ace is a tribute to our forefathers, who were servants, as well as ourselves, who aspire to be a world-class company”, said the owner.

The owners’s passion for watches led them to build their own black excellence watch brand, showcasing their roots with elegance and grace to become one of the top African watch companies in the world.

Sergius Ace is a new watch company, and the Imperial Genesis is the company debut model. Genesis, their first watch model, represents the beginning of something new. Sergius Ace collection is the beginning of a story that the brand wishes to share with the world.

At Sergius Ace they think that “Everyone has a unique beginning, whether it’s a happy or terrible one, but each one is worth celebrating”.

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