QJ Enterprises: For personalized items, clothing collection, motivational clothing and more

QJ Enterprises is a business that contains 4 different businesses.

•QJ’s Designs n’ Kreations (personalized items)
•Hot Hustle Clothing (clothing collection)
•Glory•ous Motives (motivational clothing collection)
•QJ’s Confection Crave (dessert shop) haven’t opened yet

QJ Enterprises offer personalized apparel and accessories such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, baseball jerseys, jewelry, pop sockets, etc.

The clothing collections offers items such as T-shirt’s (short and long sleeve), hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, jerseys, jogging sets, beanies, etc. with its brand logos.

Dessert shop isn’t open just yet but it is being worked on. Once opened it will start local for sales but will be working on desserts that can be available for shipping.

Please keep in mind that all items are made to order! Nothing is pre-made!

Visit QJ Enterprises website below to see all beautiful and original items they offer.

You can find QJ Enterprises at 

Website: http://www.shopqje.com/

Instagram: @qjenterprises_