Obsidian – The Signature BLK: Created as a way to encourage self care and love

Obsidian: The Signature BLK, is a black, woman owned business, created as a way to encourage self care and love, which then transitioned to celebrating and shining light on Black!

At Obsidian they want to change the fact that black is mostly portrayed in a negative way because ‘Black is Beautiful’. Black is Elegant. Black is Mysterious. Black is Majestic.

The name Obsidian was chosen because of the unique qualities of Obsidian, having been forged in the fires of the Earth. Although, a glass, it is strong. Smooth yet sharp. Jet black in color.

Candles from Obsidian: The Signature BLK, are made of clean ingredients. All parts of the creation of the candle are sourced from suppliers who also follow a clean and green belief. Non-toxic and free of any harmful additives, because the brand doesn’t want to cause harm to themselves and definitely don’t want to harm others.

Each candle they carry now is named based on the mood/vibe it creates, causing you to take a moment for self care and to love you! But their future names will also show the beauty and majesty in Black! Obsidian candles burn clean, smell amazing and are a vibe.

You can find Obsidian – The Signature BLK at

Website: http://www.obsidianthesignatureblk.com/

Instagram: @obsidianthesignatureblk