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MINO ATHLUX: A recently launched athluxury brand catering to young, active professionals

MINO ATHLUX is a recently launched athluxury brand catering to young, active professionals. The brand was born out of a desire to make activewear and gym accessories not only functional but fashionable.

As the founder of MINO ATHLUX and an athlete, Lynn was always frustrated by the fact that functional gym wear and accessories are usually not stylish. The idea behind this brand is to create luxury activewear and gym accessories that can function not only at the gym but also fit seamlessly into any aspect of life.

Whether it be brunch with friends or a midday meeting. The first product launched (the MINO gym tote) is what inspired the brand. As a young professional who frequents the gym, finding a gym bag attractive enough to take to work was a problem for the owner. She decided to solve this problem by designing her own gym tote and thus MINO AHLUX was born. Currently, they are taking reservations for the MINO tote at a $50 discount on their Kickstarter launch day.

The MINO tote features a sleek and minimal design that can fit seamlessly into any part of the day. The stretch and wet and dry pockets make it easy to stay organized and keeps your belongings safe. The no-zip, magnetic closure makes for easy access so you don’t need to deal with stuck zippers. It easily fits your laptop (up to 15”), iPad, shoes, water bottle, umbrella, makeup bag, and more (Dimensions: H 12″ x W 6″ x L 15.5″). It’s lightweight, durable, 100% waterproof, and has antimicrobial properties making it perfect for the gym.

The MINO tote is made of quality, 100% vegan material and comes with a free makeup bag attached. Join our waitlist to get discounts and updates on our launch.

You can find MINO ATHLUX at

Website: http://www.minoathlux.com/

Instagram: @minoathlux