Interview with Tarra Hardeman, owner of The Carmel Soap Company

Hi Tarra, tell us more about you the owner of The Carmel Soap Company, a skin care business offering Plant based soap bars, luxury scrubs and moisturizers
I was raised across the U.S., from Carmel, California, where I was born to Maryland where I raised my children. As a mother of 4, I wanted the best for my children and that included spending lots of time, providing a comfortable home, cooking quality food, and using natural skin care.

Where came from the idea of founding your business?
One day I purchased a “natural” baby body wash from a large retailer (like I had many times before) and when I opened it I noticed a very strong window cleaner type of smell. I turned the bottle around, which is something I hadn’t done before, and couldn’t understand the ingredients. I spent the entire evening researching all of the ingredients in all of the products in my home.
I was appalled, disappointed, and confused as I figured out what to do next. I knew I couldn’t continue to use all of those products, but what to use? That was the beginning of lots of researching, reading, and experimentation. This is how our skincare journey started.

So from buying a product that disappointed you, you built a company and  provide now one of the best skincare products outthere, Tell us more about the products you offer
Carmel Soap (formerly Paisley Naturals) was born. We now handcraft the best artisan soaps, lotions, scrubs, and other awesomely natural products – from scratch – made with only natural plant based ingredients. No micas, no SLS, no silicones, no animal fats, no detergents or other chemicals. Only quality, from scratch and honest products – handmade in San Antonio.

Which aspects of your business do you think is the most important to success (your value)?
My husband and children are extremely supportive and we love to educate and share our craft. We pride ourselves in providing affordable, natural, honest products that everyone can use. Feel free to reach out and learn more about our products and to learn about where we will be next!

Where can we find your business?
You can find The Carmel Soap Company at
Instagram: @carmelsoap