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Interview with Tanya owner of “Krafty Trade”

Mrs Tanya, tell us more about you the owner of Krafty Trade

My name is Tanya, mother of 3 children. Im bilingual in English and Spanish. Previously I have worked as a receptionist in Spain, worked in retail, and tutored part time. I have experience in telemarketing and project management for a marketing firm. I took an interest in business and became a distributor of barbering products. I then extended into retail. After having some time out for family I have taken myself back into business. This time I am working around my children and home life. I have a passion for business, networking and expressing myself.

Tell us about your business and the products or services you offer

Krafty Trade is an online wholesale trade fair for retail stores across the UK to connect with professional makers, crafters and brands of all kinds. We emphasize on the importance of local trade and the benefits this has on our economy, and we encourage and assist small artisan businesses that are ready to take the leap into the wholesale industry.

Where came from the idea of founding your business?

I saw the rise of appreciation and interest towards the artisan market. I also noted the decrease and closure in largee chain stores. I saw that the future of retail would be popups, gift shops and indie shops. Krafty Trade has developed itself into a trending market with the intentions of assisting these local businesses to thrive within their industries.

Wich aspects of your business do you think as the most important to success, what is your value?

We are the first online artisanal trading platform. We help busy retailers unable to attend trade fairs locate and communicate with professional makers accross the whole of the UK.

Makers can promote their goods and create the product upon sale rather than eding up with excessive overstock like they tend to at trade fairs.

We support economic growth. We support small business growth.

Krafty Trade helps to bring diversity back into retail. Working with makers of handmade goods means store owners can tailor stock and create exclusive products that aren’t found online. Contacting a maker for bespoke production is an option through Krafty Trade. Being unique is key.

Where can we find your business?

You can find us on

Facebook: @kraftytrade

Instagram: @kraftytrade



Krafty Trade
Krafty Trade