Interview with Si’Neka Demery owner of Akenis, a skincare company

Mrs Si’Neka, tell us more about you and where came from the idea of founding your business?

I have always been addicted to skin care since I was a little girl. I would sneak my mother’s skin care products out of her perfectly arranged glass case she had and there were over 50 different products. My mother always taught me that if you take care of your body early on in life, you will internally and outwardly feel and look better as you age.

I have Sickle Cell Anemia and PCOS, which has caused hormonal imbalance and vitamin deficiency for me my entire life. I created Akenis after years and probably thousands of dollars spent on various skin care products that ranged from low to high end. No matter how much I would have spent or how long I tried a product, I was not getting any significant results. As a biology major with over 12 years of medical experience, I started researching in 2017 different natural components that would give the same effect as pharmaceutical products without causing any damage to the skin.

When I created my first product the foaming cleanser and I seen how fast and effective it was, I knew that I had a rare gem on my hands. There are so many young girls and women whom suffer from low self esteem because they have problematic skin due to puberty or chronic illnesses such as Sickle Cell Anemia, PCOS, Lupus and Endometriosis. With social media filters and photoshop use at an all time high, I wanted to promote women simply loving their natural skin and feeling empowered and beautiful. You can achieve clear healthy skin without plastic surgery and/or spending hundreds of dollars a month only to still have the same problems and concerns.


Tell us about your business and the products you offer

We successfully launched our online store on April 1, 2020 and have sold out 4 times since our launch date. We have clients all over the United States and even international clients in Africa & Europe and offer shipping.

I am so thankful for my Akenis team because they are a huge part of the reason why Akenis is as successful as it is.

We also have Akenis Merchandise such as Stickers, Pens, T-shirts, and much more to come. 10% of our Akenis Merchandise will be donated to a charity of choice in connection to chronic illnesses such as Sickle Cell, Endometriosis, PCOS, and Lupus.

We offer

1. Regular Foaming Cleanser – Designed for clients who suffer from Comedonal Acne, Cystic Acne, and scarring for daily use.
2. Nebu Gold Foaming Cleanser – Designed for our clients who suffer from ingrown hairs and/or accesses of the face. This product is a favorite for our ladies who suffer from facial hair caused by hormonal imbalance, for daily use. Also helps calm irritated skin.
3. Correction Cream – A natural retinol/moisturizing cream that helps promote healthy skin cell turn over and also lighten hyper pigmented skin and acne scars. Clients notice a smoother skin texture within 1 month of use. Best used at night time.
4. Calming Serum – Moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. Calming serum is infused with natural oils and herbs to help balance the skin’s PH level. For daily use.
5. Oshun 24k Gold Eye Mask – 24k gold eye mask infused with natural oils to help tighten the under eye skin, prevent crows feet and lighten dark circles.
6. Halyc Oil – Gold infused oil that can be used as a natural lip moisturizer and/or under eye moisturizer.


Where can we find your business?

You can find us at

Website: http://akenis.bigcartel.com/

Instagram: @Akenis_llc

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