Interview with Nyjah McCoy owner of My Esoteric Beauty business

Hi Nyjah, tell us more about you the owner of My Esoteric Beauty

My name is Nyjah McCoy, I’m 28, and I own My Esoteric Beauty. I am also a girl mom of two, nurse, and an upcoming music artist, and I am working on a mixtape that will be out in April.

Tell us about your business and the products you offer

My brand, which originally started as a skincare & bath brand, has slowly turned into the melting pot for urban beauty & fashion, as well as holistic health (I’m in the medical field). Simply put, I snapped on my brand, but for the culture. It caters and favors everything black, especially beauty and fashion, two industries in which we are over marketed, yet our dollars are undervalued. Just as Tommy, MK, Gucci, etc. have gone on record saying their clothes or products aren’t “for” us, MEB is for us and only us. The FUBU of beauty. I currently sell high quality bundles, wigs, lashes, organic skincare products, accessories, baby accessories, spiritual accessories, holistic supplements and alternatives, and much more. We will be adding 3 services, weight training (both for gaining & losing, and run by a professional weight trainer), business bootcamp (more-so catered toward aspiring entrepreneurs, but welcomes also struggling entrepreneurs), and mental health checks which I have recently decided to keep free indefinitely, as mental health and affordable healthcare are basically nonexistent amongst our community (I’m a Psych Major, and even after receiving my PhD, I’ve decided to keep this free for those who don’t have access to good healthcare).

Where came from the idea of founding your business ?

It started as a hobby, I’d make skincare products for my daughter’s father, who suffers from eczema, which when used on a daily basis, I noticed he has no outbreaks. Body butters turned into bath bombs, and the rest is history. My business teaches me so much about my interests, and I’m discovering a passion for every aspect of my business.

Which aspects of your business do you think as the most important to success (your value)?

I feel that all aspects of my business are important to the success and value of my business.

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Instagram: @my_esoteric_beauty