FIT FOR A KYNG | FFAKca: It is not just about clothes, it’s about CULTURE

FFAKca is a business that was created by a 27 year old single mother, who goes by the name of KYNG. FFAKca offers street, athletic and unisex clothes. It’s where comfort meets style.

The mission for the business is to not only become an established brand name, but also a welcoming community.

At FFAKca they hope that as they grow, their commitment to success will encourage the youth to pursue entrepreneurship and find their ways out of trouble, and into their bag!

They are focused on building and maintaining a community that will continue to expand and become more effective in the world.
Moving forward, they will give back by joining forces with organizations that will make changes in Government owned housing, public schools, and low income families.

FFAKca is not just about clothes, it’s about CULTURE.

You can find FIT FOR A KYNG | FFAKca at 


Instagram: @fitforakyng