Djalabati: A brand that provides organic, authentic, and natural products

Djalabati is a brand that provides organic, authentic, and natural products from Guinea, Conakry (West Africa). Djalabati currently have Raw Shea Butter, Raw Whipped Shea Butter with Coconut Oil, both come in 16oz and 8oz, and African Black Soap.

Djalabati products offer you effective protection against external factors that affect your skin and your hair throughout the day. It gives radiance to the skin, and also acts as a restorative night ointment. It promotes hair growth, boosts nutrients and vitamins, and maintains a healthy scalp. It also protects you against stretch marks, cold, and dry skin.

Djalabati zero ingredient Raw Shea Butter is for all your multi-purpose use. If you want your Shea Butter whipped and not mixed you can buy the raw one and whip it yourself. (It not necessary whatsoever) Another great way to use raw Shea Butter is for babies, for delicate baby skin. Babies are exposed to all types of skin conditions like rashes, eczema, and blisters, their skin can also be very sensitive. In Africa for years and throughout the world today, Raw Shea Butter has been used on baby skin to prevent it from most of these conditions and also allow their skin to look radiant and beautiful. That is why most mothers opt for Raw Shea Butter because it is also unscented.

Djalabati Safouna Fing (African Black soap) is a traditional skin cleanser. It is very good for face and body cleansing. It cleansing and natural clarifying properties help the skin heal, nourish and hydrate. It is safe for most skin types, does not contain dyes, fragrances, or perfumes. Safouna is highly effective for keeping skin healthy and looking at its best.

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