Cocoa and Company Cosmetics: Scientifically formulated and handcrafted a line of body care

At C&C, we’ve scientifically formulated and handcrafted a line of body care that reminds you to maintain each aspect of yourself. From the natural ingredients to the lush scents, our bath and body products are made with you in mind. Formulated with all natural ingredients, we aim to not only cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize the skin, but also to help each customer find and create their own soothing, spa-like experience in the safety and comfort of their home. We’ve carefully sourced our ingredients to ensure that we can provide our customers this luxurious experience at an affordable price. From our laboratory of natural goodness to your bathroom counter, you can trust that our products will help you LEVEL UP your skin care regime.

We’re excited to present to you a brand that recognizes that beauty is more than just skin deep. We center the formulation of our products on creating more opportunities to focus on wellness. It’s easy to get stuck focusing on our outward imperfections; picking, poking and prodding with ourselves to keep up with the latest fads. The fixation on the physical is simply a diversion from our real source of beauty — our minds. Duality is key; your mental beauty is just as important as your physical beauty. Self care is more than just putting on your favorite face mask, exfoliating your entire body, or having a good soak in the tub. Self care is also participating in healthy habits — meditation, repeating your positive affirmations, pruning that toxic company from your life, journaling, or therapy, for some. Maintaining these healthy habits is a task for everyone. We’re all constantly ebbing through the push and pull of life, trying to maintain our wholeness. We hope that we can inspire you all to be intentional with each aspect of your selfcare.

We offer a selection of high quality, artisan made body care products. Our products include our all natural, cold-process bar soaps. They are individually formulated for the skin’s needs, whether that be sensitive, dry, acne-prone, or aging skin. They are gentle and moisturizing yet cleanse the body effectively. These soaps allow you to cleanse and moisturize in one step. They contain natural glycerin, which is a humectant that draws moisture into your skin all day.

Our whipped butters contain a three butter blend; mango, cocoa, and shea butters are blended with hemp seed, jojoba, olive and sweet almond oils to give you skin a nutrient punch. The fatty acids and vitamins in our butter blend replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier, protect, and revitalize the skin. Colloidal oatmeal soothes the driest, itchiest skin. Our butters are whipped to achieve a silky smooth texture that melts in contact. Our butters offer all day moisturization that will make your skin soft and silky smooth !

Our emulsified sugar scrubs are perfect for exfoliating, smoothing, and moisturizing your skin. Made with ground pumice stone, shea butter, jojoba oil, and pumpkin seed oil, our scrubs are ideal for shower or tub use, because they turn into a silky lotion upon contact. They rinse away cleanly, leaving smooth, hydrated skin underneath.

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