Black Wealth Apparel: Time to unify and become self sustaining, Rebuilding the Village

Black Wealth is a clothing brand with a clear message for Black People in America and across the Diaspora. Now more than ever it is time to unify and become self sustaining, Rebuilding the Village.

Black Wealth Apparel’s goal is to offer consumer goods for profitable growth. In turn they invest and provide thoughtful content to empower and work in concert with other black creatives.

This apparel brand contains Black Wealth logo on front side and a graphic on the back. The symbols on the back are the basic concepts that will create true wealth in our (black) community. Health, Education, Intellectual Property, Unity and Spirituality.

The brand is offering custom designs on a variety of apparel mediums including shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, houseware and more to come!

You can find Black Wealth Apparel at


Instagram: @BlackWealth.apparel