Beautifully Made Things: For Soy Blended Wax Candles in a Luxury styled vessel

Beautifully Made Things is a faith-based candle company located in Arizona. The company candles are based on words and scriptures from the Bible.

Beautifully Made Things offers Soy Blended Wax Candles in a Luxury styled vessel as well as a gorgeous sea glass tumbled tumbler installed with a single wooden wick. They also offer Wax Melts, Birthday Candle Gift Sets and Gifts Cards.

Each soy blended candle is labeled with a name or word and points to a chapter and verse in the Bible that connects with it.

“What we love most about our candles is that each chosen scripture correlates with its own unique scent. We like to think that every time that candle is lit, it is a cue for you to think of “the word” or that scripture. Either way it’s a win in our book” said the owner.

“Our top selling candle is The Queen Esther (Esther 2:17). Esther was a young woman who finds favor with the King, becomes Queen and risks her life for her people. When we imagen all the preparation she needed to go through before being in the company of the King, we think of something beautiful, soothing and great smelling. So we chose a scent that represents that. Our Queen Esther Candle includes: Warm Spices • Cocoa Butter • Jasmine • Coconut • Sandal Wood • Amber”, she added.

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