2FifthApparel: A clothing brand that supports authenticity, Individuality, and Self-Awareness

2Fifth Apparel is a black clothing line created to inspire and empower the African American community through clothing. Aiming to create a safe space that supports authenticity, Individuality, and Self-Awareness. The brand promotes blackness, black entrepreneurship, and black ownership, while ending generational curses.

2Fifth Apparel offers BOLD, CREATIVE, REBELLIOUS apparel for those who are Resilient, Optimistic, an show Perseverance! The creative designs are made and printed in house by the 2Fifth staff. 2Fifth’s clothing embodies the belief and values many hold firm in the black community. Offering a variety of apparel from; shirts, hats, hoodies and more.


You can find 2FifthApparel at

Website: https://2fifthapparel.com/

Instagram: @2FifthApparel